Injured XI to Underdogs XI

No the name above is not a name of any country’s president.

What would one do if almost every ace player in the team is either injured, or is on leave, or unavailable? The show should still go on, they say. For instance, currently, in the Indian Cricket Team playing a series in Australia, the most experienced bowler is just 2 Test Matches old. The captain is a captain for time being. And about 60% of the team is a bunch of newbies at the highest level of Cricket.

I guess such situations do occur from time to time in sports, as well as in professional life. Often, it is Friday and you are about to shut shop when you get called to a meeting and asked to present something which you yourself aren’t sure about.

While there is always pressure to be the best, but we should give benefit of doubt to the people who still try and not give up. May be if they keep at it, they will succeed. And if they don’t, at least it would be a great lesson for the next time.