It is here and that’s great but…

People around the world would react differently to Corona Virus Vaccines. Not biologically but with their actions, they would act differently.

In India, Manish Kumar was the first to get inoculated. The name might not have the same zing as William Shakespeare who was the 2nd person to be vaccinated in the world after Margaret Keenan (both from the UK). I was expecting that the first Indian to be vaccinated would be Megha Krishnan followed by Tulsidas Premchand.

At the risk of sounding dull like old times News Anchors, I feel that once the vaccine inoculation officially starts, people would let all their guards down immediately and act if Corona wasn’t even there. They would themselves act vaccinated if their neighbor gets vaccinated. It has already started happening. Offices are opening again (and banks never shut down in India) and people are back on the roads honking. People’s masks are now disappearing like yesterdays’ memes as the rate of cases keeps falling rapidly in India. Things are opening up, which is really good for the economy, but memory is fading.

I am desperately waiting for the vaccine to be available to everyone after health workers are done. Till then, Masks to continue even if only a handful of people believe that 2020 happened.