When any experience is never enough

Sankranti Kite flying is a sight to behold and a sport that matches nothing. The numerous colorful rhombuses adoring the blue and bright sky of January make the wintery day feel warmer than it might be. People of all ages climb on their rooftops, put on loud music, and try to compete with the wind and the neighbor’s kites. The rookies would be trying their best to launch their kites, and the veterans would be busy slaying away every flying object you could see in their vicinity hurling unique slogans.


The kites have a mood of their own. Some would be fluttering uncontrollably and going crazy in the wind. Some would be soaring high in the sky, stable, and steady, feeling pride in the place it has reached. While there will be some that will never be able to attain the right altitude and the optimum breeze beneath it that could keep from falling. There would be some which start with a lot of hoopla, scaring the already steady kites, making them feel that they can get cut anytime due to the aggression of this newbie, but if the kite-flyer is not experienced enough, mostly the kite would just crash. While still taking a few down with itself.

The most insightful part of kite flying

Even if your kite has reached the perfect height, and you may be the most experienced one, even if your thread is strong like a bungee jumping cord, there is still a chance that it can get cut. You can never know if someone who is oblivious of your manjha or someone who is plotting slyly, just crosses the path of your thread, slashes it, and catches you unaware. What a joy!

The Night Sky

When the day is done, the sky gets a bridal makeover. Kite flyers launch lanters which twinkle as they rise every feet. There are no words to explain that and it must be seen to be believed.

Sankranti is a festival I dearly miss and I promise every year that next time, I would surely go to Jaipur and enjoy it to the fullest. But it is one thing, I have been failing to do for a long time. Maybe next time!