Happy 20th Birthday Wikipedia

There might be hardly a day on the Internet when I would not have used Wikipedia to satisfy my curiosity about something. And there has been no day when I didn’t open a page on Wikipedia and just closed it after reading. It has always led to opening a link on that page, and another link, and another link, and so on. There was a period in 2013 when Wikipedia was the only website accessible from my office. One can imagine that my whole day used to be falling freely in the rabbit hole of Wikipedia. I liked every minute of it. That is the right kind of dopamine hit the mind craves for.

So much information for free was never available or accessible throughout human history and it continues to be so. Of course, it can be edited by anyone but there are so many volunteers ready to fix the issues if need be. And that is the epitome of the Internet’s purpose.

Happy 20th Wikipedia!

Wishing the best to every user and everyone who edits, submits, and maintains Wikipedia!