You Vax, You Lose?

covid vaccine in a box

It is a good thought experiment to consider that the world is a simulation. You are living in a Matrix and your life is just a program. All your actions and even your thoughts are just someone’s gigantic piece of code. If you’re not living in a Matrix or The Truman Show, then why was 2020 like a movie?

Just a Flu Shot

In October 2019, there was an Influenza vaccination drive at my workplace (when the workplace was a thing!). We were being given a free dose of the basic flu shot. Many looked forward to it while many others were skeptical of it. I took it bravely on my left shoulder without thinking twice. I am a cynic and a skeptic for various things but I believed that Vaccines do work. They have worked earlier too. The vaccinator gave me a stress ball as a return gift by the way! Those who didn’t take it didn’t feel the need as it was just a flu shot. Who knew that within a year or so, the whole world would turn topsy-turvy and flu Vaccine would be the most anticipated, the most awaited, the most discussed wonder which many might refuse to take.

Where is the risk? In taking it or in skipping it?

I don’t know about others but I have seen what an impact Covid can make on a family. Many woke geniuses have their opinions on how vaccines are just a money-making business. But do we have a serious choice here? Either you can risk yourself and others by not trusting the vaccines we have at our disposal or just follow suit. If scientists are not to be believed, every piece of technology we use should also be discarded at once and we can go back to become hunters and gatherers. Do you think any pharma would take such a big risk in this period of time by faking the efficacy? Or showing wrong results in their trial data? If anything goes wrong or had gone wrong when the trials happened, would it still be hidden from everyone?

Being optimistic

Well, I am desperately looking for the day when I can go out normally without a mask, shake hands, and hug people (if it is reasonable). I am waiting for the day when eating out will not be a life-threatening act (unless the food is Red Colored Biryani I had once). If the vaccine helps me do that, I am willing to take it as the last-ditch effort to bring some normalcy. This life might be a simulation, and we might be the subjects in that great experiment. But unless we make a move and unpause, how would we go to the next level. Whatever it might be!