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About 3 weeks ago, 7 out of 9 people in my family fell sick and the RT-PCR turned positive. 2 had to be hospitalized while others somehow managed at home. Slowly and slowly everyone is regaining their health back and things are now looking better. Hospitalized have returned home. Others who were at home who took an uncountable number of medicines are also getting back to their feet. There are still some vitals that are going haywire but we are trying to get them under control.

Those who say that they can trust their immunity against Covid, have no idea about surviving for a minute when you feel difficulty in breathing. Try walking without breathing for a minute. Those who say that Masks don’t really work have not seen how Glucometer readings go sky high and Oximeter readings touch rock bottom. Bottom line is that, if you have had it and had no symptoms, consider yourself super-lucky because it didn’t even touch you really!

The amount of money spent has gone through the roof. Forget money, the damage it has left behind on health will take months to get back to normalcy. Things have just turned towards better but the fight is still not over. There is a long way to go and a few vital stats might always give a headache.

For those who are still struggling, and while those who couldn’t, all I can say is that I hope we see a better time soon.

Avoid the crowd. Wear Masks. Keep Washing Your Hands. There is no other way possible at the moment. Vaccines are still months away.

I hate to be superstitious but Fingers Crossed.

Photo by Max van den Oetelaar on Unsplash


  1. Hope you and your family are doing better Abhinav. I am sorry for what you are undergoing right now. I pray that all of you stay safe.

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