Stay home till it’s cured, they said. Don’t go out yet, it’s still really bad. Try to stay sane, mental health is serious, don’t go mad. So much has already happened, it is indeed a tad bit sad.

I obeyed, duly complied, stood at one place, didn’t move. I understood the implications, nobody had to try too hard to prove. I submitted myself and kept myself grounded. Kept washing my hands every 15 minutes, nobody had to shout as I was self-hounded.

Then I had to travel twice, without my own will. One time, it was for duty, next time it was the devil. Whenever I did fly, I kept my mask on, reached home, did quarantine. When everyone left for their hometowns and stayed back, I had to return for essential services, it was really mean.

Despite the precautions, family still got sick. I panicked, packed, and protected them by running around like a pharma slick. When it comes to sheer luck, we were fortunate still, otherwise a lot worse could’ve happened as 2020 still was a dick.

All this made me triple cautious, as obviously I could not afford to get infected. Having seen it up close, life was about to fall apart, one by one dissected. Drink plenty of hot fluids at least 2 to 3 liter. I had seen fluctuations in the readings of plenty of Oximeters.

So, I stayed home, following the rules, still waiting for vaccines. But what I see when I see my timelines and stories, scenes which I thought will not be seen. If not anything, I thought sanitizer might have atleast made people wiser. But no, only I am getting jittery, while everyone else is not waiting for Pfizer.

Everyone is roaming around, eating outside, masks have come now off. What is happening actually, it all makes me want to laugh. People might be virus-proof, or they simply not care? I still am frightened, how do I even dare?

Folks are traveling, going places, as if 2020 is over. Even if it is over, new strains are coming out, is Corona ever getting slower? Who says 2021 we will all be free as vaccines are still far away. Bloody, even I am bored of sitting at home, even I want to go out and play.

How many times I will have to convince myself, that people are taking risk by going on a vacay? I think enough is enough, now I am getting J.


  1. Same, even I am jealous and since no one falls sick after coming back, I wonder if Corona still exists or not. Any way I am going to continue wearing a mask and sanitizing everything even after vaccines are out. Corona might become weak but air pollution is there. So mask will be my saathi forever.

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