In my closet

When you come home bloody tired and totally worn out,
You expect some hot tea to chew or sip that green sprout,
When you enter your kitchen to grab some sane food,
They watch you coming, tch, you can’t do nothing dude,

For them you are nothing but just another distraction,
For them you are nothing but an unwanted living fraction,
They are not in a count which you count like one or two or three,
They’ve their colonies laid out there, and that you cannot even see,

You enter the dark kitchen and turn on the light,
They hear your footsteps before you ever come in their sight,
They wrap up any meeting and go invisible before your next stride,
They forget their differences, you are the prey, and they stop the fights,

You bend a little to open the closet to take some bhujia to eat,
They watch your every move from hiding, and notice you sweet,
You change your mind and turn your attentions to biscuits,
The aroma travels fast, they smell it even from behind the circuits,

They don’t give a damn about your day in office,
All they care is that where you keep your buns and muffins,
They are dependent on you, on your mess, on your ill deeds,
They love when you spill a little, i.e. their source of multiple feeds,

So when you open your closet, you just… just you freak out,
They are red aliens, they make you red, you see and then you shout,
They are plenty in number and you can’t keep them from reproducing,
You cannot outnumber them, try if you can, I’ll see you cussing me refusing,

Your BP goes higher, your nerves go stern,
You forget every manner, the education you learn,
Bring me the 6 weeks challenge, I need to buy the Laal-Wala hit,
Oh crap, what’s this dust around here, is this cockroach shit?

I will kill the mother’s mother of this tiny red roach,
Being the most violent person alive, close your eyes insect lover, don’t watch,
I’ll crush you beneath my feet, spray your generations away, you red black clown,
You will forget screeching in night, you will cripple if I keep you upside down,

But wait oh, oh god, what are you doing, climbing up my body, I am shivering,
Oh damn, you had it enough, you brought all your clan, ouch, you prick, was it your sting?
Oh bloody, you brought your whole army, let me call 911, 100, 108,
I feel light, oh you picked me up, I am feeling light, no weight,

I see you covering me from head to toe,
It was right, you reap, what you sow,
Ahh, so you implanted me with your venom, I see light through the tunnel,
The stings were deadly it seems, it was forcing my whole body through a funnel…

Sorry roaches, sorry flies, it was my mistake, not you, I came into your home, I am sad,
Now when I have died, here are my last words, I got killed just for saying, all humans werent’ that bad…