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Before you bring down your wrath on me, see the picture of a cute puppy to calm down and pacify yourself.

Photo by Joel J. Martínez on Unsplash

If your nostrils are still flaring, eyes are still red with anger, blood pressure is higher than your patriotic josh, stay away from the TV News and see these pictures to actually be at peace: https://twitter.com/dog_rates

Done? Alright. Now read this.

I don’t want to generalize, but there are two kind of people in general:

One who watches the Internet/TV to relax, enjoy themselves, know new things, and become better human beings. These people get their news from the Newspaper. Not that their lives are, for a lack of a better word, chocolatey. But they are okay with a lack of FOMO.

Others who watch TV/the Internet to fill out the void in their lives which has grown wide and deep due to various frustrations in life. Lack of better salary, tummy getting a tummy of its own, no adventure opportunities, singlehood/too much family, and so on, you get the drift. So they watch TV News and Debates. They also indulge in online debates. They want to see things burn.

Now, that’s a totally different issue that how watching violence has any impact on you as a person. But we digress. Most of the time, the latter group has its way. So, TV and the Internet will show what they really want to see. Heated debates, things blown out of proportions, sensationalism, media trials, and so on. Things that would make you pull your hair and provoke you to the core. Now your soul might be jittered so that you cannot sleep, but TV folks would have made their money by then thanks to the TRPs. They are the same people like your politicians!

If you ask me, what kind of person I am… All I would say is that I want my violence staged and fictional. And from News, I expect them to tell me about the real issues like the lack of a proper road in front of my house which has not been bloody fixed since April.

So that brings us to the main thing I wanted to say. That I am done with TV news. I am done. Over and Out! I worry about my BP and I want it to get spoiled only by cholesterol, not some loudspeakers on TV or the Internet.

I started F U News long ago in 2015. Heavily inspired by The Onion, and the Faking News, F U News is my go-to place when I want some news which amuses me. Since TV doesn’t satisfy my news hunger, so I create my own. (like how actual news channels also do, so I am doing nothing wrong). Most of the news on F U News is clickbaity. It might make no sense. It might waste your time. But surely it won’t hurt you like actual TV News might.

F U News is Fully Unconfirmed News. Or you may say Fun but Ew news or maybe F U NEWS in caps, whatever rows your boat.


Some of the recent headlines as per F U News:

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