Arguing Online


“When you waste time in watching a bad movie or arguing with people, you appear as if you believe that you have an ample amount of time in life and also possibly believe in life after death and rebirth.”

– Sam Harris

The same is true for arguments done online.

A few days ago I did a mistake on Twitter. Of course, I have done even worse life-threatening mistakes on Twitter but this was a minor one.

In one Tweet, I called the white attire worn by Indian men as Lungi. To make matters worse, I said something on the lines of South Indian Men wear White Lungi.

There was no turning back. I could have called it Dhoti, or Mundu, or Veshti, or just anything. But since I called a Dhoti as White Lungi or vice versa, one guy had the time and capacity to troll me and debate with me about the right terminology. Grammar Nazis are just one thing, we have Lungi Nazis too. I moved on after a while to waste my time somewhere else but trolls on Twitter and online debate enthusiasts will never give up.

You might have already heard of Godwin’s Law.

Photo by Daniela Holzer on Unsplash