Nobody’s going to believe you if…

I was recently listening to a podcast by Sanjay Dixit called ‘The Jaipur Dialogues’ in which he had invited Shiv Sastry. Dr. Sastry is a retired Surgeon and is apparently the son of the founder of the famous Mysore Sandal Soap. The podcast mainly dealt with him talking about his new book about the myth of ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’. I am not going into much detail about the myth or the theory but Dr. Sastry said one thing which caught my mind’s attention. When people asked him in Q and A about what he thought about how can we educate people about the prevalent myths and Indian history in general as most of the stuff we have is from a perspective of Western Lens. Basically, how to think originally by doing research and how not to get swayed and be submissive to ideas from others (West)?

He said that one can stop seeking other’s approval if one’s truth is true only when one believes it is true.

The last sentence is pretty confusing. But what it insinuates is that we can be confident about our beliefs only when we don’t feel guilty about them. If our knowledge and research are solid, we don’t have to seek everyone’s approval because the evidence would speak of itself. Nobody is going to believe you if you don’t believe in yourself first.

Happy 20th Birthday Wikipedia

There might be hardly a day on the Internet when I would not have used Wikipedia to satisfy my curiosity about something. And there has been no day when I didn’t open a page on Wikipedia and just closed it after reading. It has always led to opening a link on that page, and another link, and another link, and so on. There was a period in 2013 when Wikipedia was the only website accessible from my office. One can imagine that my whole day used to be falling freely in the rabbit hole of Wikipedia. I liked every minute of it. That is the right kind of dopamine hit the mind craves for.

So much information for free was never available or accessible throughout human history and it continues to be so. Of course, it can be edited by anyone but there are so many volunteers ready to fix the issues if need be. And that is the epitome of the Internet’s purpose.

Happy 20th Wikipedia!

Wishing the best to every user and everyone who edits, submits, and maintains Wikipedia!

When any experience is never enough

Sankranti Kite flying is a sight to behold and a sport that matches nothing. The numerous colorful rhombuses adoring the blue and bright sky of January make the wintery day feel warmer than it might be. People of all ages climb on their rooftops, put on loud music, and try to compete with the wind and the neighbor’s kites. The rookies would be trying their best to launch their kites, and the veterans would be busy slaying away every flying object you could see in their vicinity hurling unique slogans.

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Decision Decades

I tried (a bit) but couldn’t find the source behind this quote:

Deciding what to do with the rest of your life in your early 20s is like deciding what you want for dinner before you’ve had breakfast…

Now when I am not in my 20s anymore, this makes perfect sense. I am guessing that I would have the same feeling after 10 years again. The feeling that I could’ve done things differently in my 30s. And on. So, one needn’t fret over past too much.

Political Mandala

Being political has become derogatory nowadays. If someone calls you liberal or conservative, it feels like it is an insult while it shouldn’t be. Same way, it has become binary. You cannot have different views on different topics but you always have that. Nobody has black or white standpoints. Most of us are just in the gray area. Some are on all the colors on VIBGYOR and beyond too.

Above is one website I came across which can help you judge where you stand, in case you wanted to know, for fun.

I answered a few questions. Few of them were straightforward, some of them were not. I had to think hard about some. Some I just guessed as an ideal scenario. So I got __________________________

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Don’t get your hopes up

One time, my parents were coming from North India to Bangalore (South India). They boarded the flight around 9 AM and they were scheduled to land by 11.30 AM which they did. I lived in Central-Southern Bangalore then. So, I started around 9 AM from my place and I reached the airport around 12 PM. That’s how far the airport is from the city. It is so far that if someone asks you to come and pick them up at the airport, you can just laugh it out as if they were joking.

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