A Layman’s Guide to The Annual Financial Budget

It doesn’t exist. Sorry for the clickbait.

Any Government’s budget, or how stocks and shares work, how tax is decided, sudden-mood-swings of your spouse because you didn’t do the task told to you 150 times, are just things that are meant to confuse everyone who isn’t paying attention all the time.

But budgets are something that generates curiosity. And even if they impact us all the time, we remain oblivious till the time we actually have to pay money out of our pockets.

One of the resolutions for me is to learn more about finance overtime. Decrypting budget, understanding income tax, and trying to wrap my head around the share market is a learning which has been pending for some time. Till then, I can pretend to know about it if someone asks because it is all a game of throwing in some keywords and acting smart. In the end, everyone else is also as ignorant as you are.