Sweet Spot

You know when the ball hits the Cricket bat at the sweet spot, it makes that crackling of sound and the ball just rushes towards the boundary. That knocking sound and the power generated from that Sweet Spot is one of the most majestic things in Cricket to a player as well as the viewer (except the bowler). But not every batsman is that elegant. For example, it is rare to see something equivalent to the sweet spot of Sachin Tendulkar Straight Drive.

In work and in life, the flow is a somewhat similar concept. We expect to hit the sweet spot daily but it doesn’t hit often. It is either an edge, or a bouncer, or an unexpected beamer. Sometimes life is a lofted ball so slow that even if it hits the sweet spot, goes straight to a fielder.

Working from home, studying, delivering speeches in Toastmasters, and handling the nitty-gritty of life have been some major struggles in the past year. The sweet spot has been hit but only a handful of times. The rest of the time, it has just been hits and misses.

Today I completed my Level 5 of Toastmasters Pathways. But I didn’t do any justice, to at least the second half of the Path. I got the same comments which I got in my first speech 4 years ago. The form was there but off late, the sweet spot has not been met.

There are numerous excuses but they don’t matter. What matters is sharpening the axe, and working even harder for the tasks ahead.

I am hopeful that next time, the sound would be sweeter, and the impact would be stronger.

My profession is Better than Yours?

In any office cafeteria in today’s day and age, there would be flocks of people coming in and going out during lunchtime. They would come in groups or alone, sit at some tables, have their lunch, and go back. There’s nothing unusual in this. But there would be a bunch of folks who would clean up the table after a set of people are done with their lunch before the next set comes in. Normally, it should be the people themselves who should clean up after they have done eating but that might be too hoity-toity for many of us privileged junta.

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Irregular Weekend Programming Halted

As this is not a competition, I am going to not write a daily blog on Weekends from now on. Not that I can’t, but I want to let the brain take a back seat on weekends and indulge in other skills I might want to improve on.

Not that someone is complaining, but I just wanted to make it concrete by jotting it down.

Nobody’s going to believe you if…

I was recently listening to a podcast by Sanjay Dixit called ‘The Jaipur Dialogues’ in which he had invited Shiv Sastry. Dr. Sastry is a retired Surgeon and is apparently the son of the founder of the famous Mysore Sandal Soap. The podcast mainly dealt with him talking about his new book about the myth of ‘Aryan Invasion Theory’. I am not going into much detail about the myth or the theory but Dr. Sastry said one thing which caught my mind’s attention. When people asked him in Q and A about what he thought about how can we educate people about the prevalent myths and Indian history in general as most of the stuff we have is from a perspective of Western Lens. Basically, how to think originally by doing research and how not to get swayed and be submissive to ideas from others (West)?

He said that one can stop seeking other’s approval if one’s truth is true only when one believes it is true.

The last sentence is pretty confusing. But what it insinuates is that we can be confident about our beliefs only when we don’t feel guilty about them. If our knowledge and research are solid, we don’t have to seek everyone’s approval because the evidence would speak of itself. Nobody is going to believe you if you don’t believe in yourself first.

Happy 20th Birthday Wikipedia

There might be hardly a day on the Internet when I would not have used Wikipedia to satisfy my curiosity about something. And there has been no day when I didn’t open a page on Wikipedia and just closed it after reading. It has always led to opening a link on that page, and another link, and another link, and so on. There was a period in 2013 when Wikipedia was the only website accessible from my office. One can imagine that my whole day used to be falling freely in the rabbit hole of Wikipedia. I liked every minute of it. That is the right kind of dopamine hit the mind craves for.

So much information for free was never available or accessible throughout human history and it continues to be so. Of course, it can be edited by anyone but there are so many volunteers ready to fix the issues if need be. And that is the epitome of the Internet’s purpose.

Happy 20th Wikipedia!

Wishing the best to every user and everyone who edits, submits, and maintains Wikipedia!