Water Cannons vs the drizzle

Read a tweet in the morning that they’re holding a peace protest at Freedom Park, Bangalore at 4 PM and it will continue till night. I decided to go for it. After lunchtime, I thought of getting ready for it. It started to rain. I thought that it is going to be difficult to travel in rain. The good distance of my place from Freedom Park wasn’t helping either. I thought, let it be, what am I going to change by going there anyways so better chuck it. I planned to sit, watch TV, write some angry tweets and move on.

Then realized that I have decided not to go because of Rain. Rain? Rain? Suddenly, mind started throwing pics in front of the eyes. The pictures of Water Cannon being unleashed on young kids up there in Delhi in such cold unbearable weather. Felt ashamed of myself. Then made one poster (last post) to depict shame. Coincidentally, a friend (female) SMSed me to come for the Candle Light Vigil at Freedom Park. The quota of shame for myself was done for the day. I stood up and got ready. It continued to rain, but we went there. Many people were there, speaking all sorts of Indian languages but the message they wanted to send across was clear and heartwarming. We people can still be united, however pessimist you may think. It was so windy and drizzling continuously that the candles were hard to handle. Hot wax was, for the first time in life, falling on the hands giving an uneasy irritation. Plus rain. Plus Bangalore traffic mixed with Rain on the way back. Some wax has fallen on to the Shirt and rest on shoes. Will clean it tomorrow.

Here are some pics from there.


P.S.: 3rd time feeling proud of myself. (After donating blood, attending Anna Hazare Movement and now this) I know nothing is going to change just like that but better to try than to crib. Thank you Kalpana for motivating.