Adding my podcast to the millions out there today

Here are all the links for  your consumption (next you know the drill like, share, subscribe)

YouTube (All (and only) 6 episodes are available already. Tudum!)

On Audio Only Platforms, each episode will be released on Thursday Morning. 1st one is already out:

Tools Used

  • Canva for all the cover art and animations
  • Microsoft Clipchamp for stitching videos and audio
  • Zoom to record video interviews
  • Spotify for Podcasters as the Podcasting Platform
  • YouTube for hosting and sharing

Special Thanks to my Toastmasters Club Folks for allowing me to do this

More thanks to these people for inspiring me to do this project

Sound Check

In your head you might have a baritone of a voice. But in actuality, you might sound like a whistle.

Anyways, I sound exactly like what I picture myself sounding like: Fast, Hyper, and somewhat sparky.

I got an opportunity to talk about Blogging on a Podcast recently.

On the go gyaan, is a relatively new podcast but getting popular as we speak. It deals with discussions on Communication and is made by my friends from Toastmasters. Here are the links:


Google Podcast:

Apple Podcast: