But we don’t celebrate

From Netflix’s Comedians in Cars getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais:

“Auschwitz, December 25, 1944

In a dark, dull, and desolate dorm, cramped with many thin, malnutritioned, ready to give up faces, a Schutzstaffel kommander enters.

He announces, “tis the time and the Fadar Christmas tells me to release you all. You can go now. All free and ye shall now enjoy the wonderfulness of the festivities!”.

Everyone’s face is about to lit up when a man at the back of the room says, “But… We don’t celebrate Christmas!”.

Everyone does a collective facepalm and scene ends.”

Waiting before Shipping

Jerry Seinfeld in talk with Tim Ferris said this about writing:

When you write something (or create anything worth sharing), be kind to yourself as you have just accomplished a difficult task. Savor the feeling of having done something good. In case you share that with someone and they find problems with it, your sense of achievement would go down the drain immediately. Instead, sleep on it and wait for 24 hours before sharing it. After such a duration, you would be more open to getting critiqued and you can also go through it again to make it better. Shipping immediately isn’t the best when it comes to creative arts.

This applies to everything except cooking. That’s why Twitter might not be the right medium for being actually creative. Meme-making might work there but not art.