Local MLA feeling neglected due to US Elections

Octo 4 2020; FU News Correspondent, Goa, India

Local MLA has shared his utter disappointment through a Tweetstorm about him feeling neglected. He said that the whole world is more interested in US elections than their local issues. Most of the people in his own constituency, who voted for him and made him the MLA don’t remember his name but they know full biography of all the Presidential and Veep Candidates.

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The Award Winning: Droplets from Sky

As a part of doing Field Research for groundwater levels, I reached a village in Rajasthan which was frankly, in the middle of nowhere. It hadn’t rained there since a decade. The color of the sky looked pale yellow and you could see just sand dunes till the horizon in all the directions. The water supply for the natives was being done by special trains which used to come once a week and people had to just ‘manage’ till the next train’s arrival. Being a Meteorology Expert, I knew that this time the fate of poor villagers could change as the region was experiencing low pressure thereby attracted water-filled clouds from the Arabian Sea.

I was just noting down my findings then suddenly 2 kids, barely 7-8 years old came running from behind, shouting for their parents and other villagers. They were really terrified because they had just experienced water droplets falling from the sky. It was something they had never seen in their life-time. They were in complete misbelief that something of this sort could happen. Their parents came out of their homes and as did the other villagers. Their faces got lit up and almost all of them started dancing, congratulating each other and celebrating because it started to drizzle. The kids were still in shock though.

I couldn’t stop myself seeing this and found few droplets on my shirt. It wasn’t only the rain, but also some tears.

P.S.: I am not a hydrology or weather expert (though I can predict rains with 78% accuracy) but this was a short story I wrote for a Water Conservation based competition in office and some how, I won. Nothing huge but a certificate is what I am going to get. I hope they consider it during appraisal. 😉