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I am writing from a place of privilege, providence, and a pedestal of good fortune but I just feel sad when I open LinkedIn nowadays. The feed is full of people writing about their untimely exit from their jobs due to the ongoing pandemic. I am not an expert to give any advice to people who were working till March/April but not working anymore. The times are unprecedented and until we get a fully functional vaccine, chances of normalcy are bleak. So, we must keep trying, is all I can say.

However, I do have a word or two for Freshers who had job offers but they haven’t been called to report yet, or even if they hadn’t, they were ready to enter the professional arena this year but things have gone upside down, for no fault of their own. I do have empathy with them as I was in the same boat around 2008. I don’t want to mince words but the reality is simple: this time is worse than that time. I have stated this earlier on this blog too that I had 2 Job Offers when I graduated as a Computer Science Engineer. Thanks to the 2008 recession which did all it could to crush my confidence, I had to wait 21 months to get a proper job I preferred. Again being lucky, I got back the job offer in March 2010 from the same company which had sent me a regret letter before imploding due to a financial crisis of their own in early 2009.

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So I completed 10 Years working

Life always comes a full circle

The line above is not just a trope. It happens more often than one might believe. On August 10th, 2018 I completed 10 years working. I joined my first job on August 11th, 2008 thinking it would be a part-time thing for a couple of months. But it extended for 15 months thanks to the economic debacle of that year. That happened because I lost 2 job offers I had earned in my college campus. I had earned those 2 offers after quite a struggle after failing to crack various rounds in 4-5 companies. Not that I wasn’t good, it was just not working out due to one reason or the other. One of the reason was honesty, another was ego, and one was a just plain failure in some aptitude tests. But then both of the 2 job offers which had been buried already came back and I took one of them after 21 months. I had lost my patience after a year of working as the job I was doing was not very satisfying, to me. Anyways, I have written a huge lot of text on this blog about Recession and things. Read the bonus section below for the full circle part.

Basically, I have a decade of Work Experience now. Being a not-so-much-of-a-risk-taking-computer-engineer (that is leaving my job and becoming a full-time graphic designer, starting a company, a writer, a blogger, and a traveler), I’ve mostly been working in the Information Technology companies. A part of the first ever job was also being an artist as well but it was primarily a menial Photoshop HTML job. Since 2010, it has been pretty much similar sort of experience but fortunately, I have got the opportunity to work on a variety of software, some new technologies and came across a variety of people.

If I were to summarize these 10 years, I would do this through the following few points:

Time Flies

It does. I have grown 10 years older in no time. I still feel that 90s were a decade ago while they aren’t. When you work for a full day and days are almost the same, you cease to remember the details. I vividly remember last days of college but I only faintly remember last days of companies in which I had worked.

People are generally nice

Surprisingly yes. And may be it depends on how nice you are to them yourself. Have there been bad experiences? Yes but rarely. I have been fortunate enough to always work with people who have been good to me. Thank You people!

Not everyone puts their best efforts

When we complain about how less we are getting paid, we never tell how less or more we have worked for it. Of course, the rate at which our expenses grow, our salary doesn’t. Should I be earning a lot more than what I am doing? Hell yes! But do I always give my best, at everything I do? Not all the time. I try my best but I have not really reached the peak of my productivity yet. So haven’t you so stop complaining and start doing.

Some risks should have been taken

Any regrets? Who has time for regrets? Just move on and continue doing the work. Keep learning and continue acting on it. Were there some risks I should have taken? Like becoming a professional designers? I don’t know. I could have known only after doing it. But that would have mean not being responsible for some people. Taking a financial risk is always difficult than advising someone to do so. But I haven’t stopped earning from the designing work I did in the past, yet. Which means, if one has a hobby and one cannot risk their jobs for that, one still has time to pursue it.

I hope we will have more posts like this after 5, 10 and so on years later.

Bonus Section

Before I started studying Computer Science, I had appeared for an Engineering Entrance Exam for a relatively popular engineering college. I didn’t clear that exam though. That was sometime back in 2004. 14 years later and after a decade of working, I got an opportunity to go to the same engineering college and recruit students from there. This was my first time interviewing anyone. I should write about this in detail soon. Till then, it was a small victory, I guess. *punching-air-emoji*

Thoughts after 5 years of working here.

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