Sweets at my desk

C’mon! Hurry up.

Stock’s limited.

Not actually. Not anymore. Because I did have sweets at my desk. But I ate them all. I have been doing that for some time now.

Sweets at my desk messages in offices really opened my worldview. We got to eat varieties of things people call sweets that they used to bring when they returned after travel. It also made me confirm my confirmation bias that not all states in India know how to make sweets. Some pleasant surprises were surely there though. I wouldn’t have ever eaten Pootharekulu by myself if not for such inviting mails. Ah and Tirupati laddoo! Long time no? One time I had bought Gajakh and Ghewar to office. It confused many folks initially but eventually, they liked. I guess.

Especially those travelers who brought chocolates, sincere thanks to them, but it clearly showed that buying chocolates for office mates was a last-minute thought while they were returning. Some even bought after their return at the airport. More importantly, many people might not know but Chocolates are available in India. But we can let that pass and let them keep coming, because, you know, free chocolates!

The important part was to go to people’s desks and chit-chatting with them about their travels. It involved some genuine care and some obvious formalities of being there just for the sweets.

I am not saying I am missing those mails. I am just saying now I am eating them all by myself, which is not right considering the long term.

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