So I recently watched: Pushpavalli

Pushpavalli means a Creeper. The one which can grow and reach places you might not want it to go to. But soon it would make its presence felt and can sweep you off your feet by the extent it has grown. The show created by Comedian Sumukhi Suresh suits its name. It was first available on Prime Video in December 2017 and the second season came in March 2020. There could be more seasons in the future. I am generally reluctant to give my opinions before the show concludes but sometimes I cannot stop myself.

Same, but in an extreme way, is the case with Pushpavalli, the eponymous character of the show. She cannot stop herself from stalking a guy she likes. And by stalking I mean, she leaves cities behind, fights with people, makes impossible excuses, and never backs down. Please raise hands if you always wanted to see Indian shows with such strong female characters who go lengths to achieve their goals even if the goal/process is all wrong in the first place. Thanks! You can bring your hands down now.

I liked the show! Even when the main plot soon reveals itself as slightly simpler, the writing is crafty and witty, the cast is amazingly good, the plot is engaging and the overall length of the show makes me believe that we have a good future when it comes to Indian Web Series. I especially liked the ensemble cast of the show. Sumukhi Suresh goes all out in playing a likable negative character and is supported by many others who do a great job in keeping it intriguing. Naveen Richards delivers hundreds of F-words that they lose their ego and in turn become funny (like Leon Black or Suzie Greene in Curb Your Enthusiasm). Sumukhi-Naveen scenes never stop being hilarious. To add, the supporting characters like the PG owner ‘Vasu’, the partner in crime T-boy, and ‘the PG Girls’ enhance the overall quality and save it from becoming a one-tone comedy which tries hard to be funny.

It keeps the interestingness in Season 2 as well, although it slacked slightly because few things keep on repeating. I wouldn’t mind one more season of Pushpavalli to have it reach its logical conclusion.