Seeing Things Live

Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash

Sanjay Mishra’s character Rajesh Bauji in the movie Aankhon Dekhi has an epiphany one day. He declares that he will believe in only those things which he would see himself. If he has not seen something, he won’t trust anyone else telling him about it. He has to see it himself to believe it.

Now, that’s one way of looking at things. Another way is to see things Live on TV and believe them to be true like we all do. (WWE can be excused! Undertaker did die and returned 7 times.)

Can you imagine that the moon landing was broadcasted live on TV in 1969? Do you remember watching your favorite moment live on TV when Sreesanth caught Misbah ul Haq and made India great again?

Where were you when Felix Baumgartner jumped off the edge of the space and it was shown live on Youtube?

And more recently, Magician and Extreme Performer David Blaine took up hanging from just Balloons and then jumped from almost 25000 feet.

From seeing things live to then on TV and then live-tweeting during big events and now on seeing amazing feats by humans live Youtube seems surreal (you can read comments on youtube during an event to feel more surreal). But that’s where we are. If not anything, seeing things live, streaming, or playing online together, gives us a good sense of being in a community. What if we cannot go to a Stadium and cheer live for your team in these times, we can still feel a belonging by banging plates together (oh that was a long time ago)!

Featured Photo by Danny Howe on Unsplash