Reaching out to people whose work you like

black and silver fountain pen

It might seem a far-fetched idea in today’s turbulent time but people do respond back when you write to them, normally.

As it is clear from the fact that I have a blog for over a decade and I do enjoy writing, I like many others who write too. I always want to write back to them and sometimes I do. Often times, we are hesitant to praise while we go all guns blazing while criticizing or complaining. But if you actually like someone’s work and if you tell them (or even critique), they would genuinely take it in a positive stride and reply back.

Lately, I approached 3 people whose writing I liked, and not only 2 of them did reply, we actually exchanged a few emails back and forth. The 3rd one didn’t reply maybe because my mails might have automatically gone to spam. Plausible and possible!

I guess a lot of people agree with that too.

Only Twitter might not be the right place to seek a reply due to its signal to noise ratio. But people do respond when you engage in a correct manner and that makes me happy.

Photo by Álvaro Serrano on Unsplash