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In times when our attention span is getting shorter and shorter, I fool myself by indulging in reading Newsletters once in a while which provides insight, knowledge, entertainment, and a belief that not all is going down the drain even if it appears so.

I don’t listen to podcasts much because I am not traveling on a bus (I am aatmnirbhar) or working out (are you???) and after really trying to listen to a bunch of them, the only podcasts I could tolerate were interviews types like Tim Ferris’s. I think I am more of a video essay person (like Kurzgesagt or Nerdwriter or Vox, etc.) and I like to read more than listen.

So like a literate person would do (i.e. share good knowledge), here’s a list of Newsletters I find interesting. This is like a blog roll but to make it more convenient, it comes to your inbox instead of you going anywhere else. You can also subscribe if you want as they are free.

  • Seth Godin – Blogging Daily since when the Internet started I think. Just read to know.
  • A Learning a Day (Rohan Rajiv) – Another daily one! Short and sometimes not so short tidbits about positive uplifting things which one wouldn’t mind at all
  • James Clear – 3 – 2 – 1 – From the author of Atomic Habits, 3 ideas, 2 quotes, 1 question. Easy peasy to make a habit!
  • Mind F*ck Monday – From the author of The Subtle Art of not giving a F*ck, newsletter which reads more like someone’s talking to you!
  • Visual Wisdom (Deepu Asok) – Ideas that are simple, yet effective, presented either visually or through Tweets.
  • Ryan Holiday – Again, life advice as if freshly brewed coffee on a calm and cozy afternoon.
  • Shu Omi – Good content collated over the Internet presented to you to make your day better.
  • New Space India – Some insights on what’s happening in Space’s Space in India.
  • The India Uncut – More popular as a podcast and just recently started (again) as a blog, this is new.

Some defunct Newsletters but they are still a good read:

Ok, I don’t really hate podcasts at all (I might have come off harsh on them above. <3 only). Here are some of some people I know. And once I regularly follow them, maybe podcasts would become my thing too. Check them out and if they row your boat, jump on to the bandwagon (which should be a boat):

  • Haal Chaal Theek Thaak Hai – Nuanced + Fun discussion about Indian Pop culture. Not Millenial Pop Culture but the actual culture which matters.
  • Talk Your Way Up – Podcast about speaking better and talking your way up. The name also suggests the same! It is going really good,
  • On the go Gyaan – Very new podcast by Toastmasters folks (like the above one) so all the best to them!

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