Life Hack : Touch a Tree once a day

In continuation of the last post, to detox one’s self from technology, I found a nice way which works for me. Not sure about you. But this about me, not you anyway.

Touch a tree once a day. And by touch I mean just glide your hands over it. By glide I mean just touch it for some seconds and that’s all, no need to overdo too. You may hug like it is Chipko Movement also if no one is watching but not necessarily. Let me explain.

Most of us, all day, find ourselves surrounded by various electronics and electromagnetic kinds of stuff. We keep typing all day long on keyboards and inhale too much of plastic-y air that by the time it is evening, your lungs might be filled with plastic dust like Tar (exaggerating it to make it sound very bad). And when we are free, we keep our hands busy by typing and texting on our phones. Again plastic. You sit on a plastic chair. You touch people who are plastic (no?). You use handles which are either metal or plastic. You eat in Plastic Plates. Your tiffin is Tupperware. All you need in life is something living. Like Wood.

I am not saying you need to do this.,d.dGo&psig=AFQjCNEv-GneX-kn16CCtSlwp1fiIccCCg&ust=1464242671125637
This is probably one of the ways.

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