Happy Birthday Minimal Movie Posters India

Thriving Minimal-ly since Jan 2012

On January 5, 2012, I published a minor unnoticeable poster of Mr. India on my blog and shared the link on Facebook. Some of my friends liked it and shared the post with others. That encouraged me to make few more posters the next day. Then some others started to contribute. Then it went on and on and on. I have written enough about it already here, here and here (there is no third link but triads look good, is all).

I also, just want to say the following:

Main akela hi chala tha janib-e-manzil magar
Log saath aate gaye aur karwaan banta gaya
– Majhrooh Sultanpuri

मैं अकेला ही चला था जानिब-ए-मंज़िल मगर
लोग साथ आते गये और कारवां बनता गया
– मजरूह सुलतानपुरी

میں اکیلا ہی چلا تھا جانبِ منزل مگر
لوگ ساتھ آتے گئے اور کارواں بنتا گیا
– مجروح سلطانپوری

(H/T to these folks for the above)

Anyway, this is going to be a very short post because today is the birthday anniversary of Minimal Movie Posters India. I would like to thank again all the people who have made this community a successful one. All the contributors, the people who liked and shared the posters, the friends I made through this, and the media people who published about MMP on Newspapers and sites.

Happy Birthday MMP India
Happy Birthday MMP India

Minimal Posters don’t go viral anymore but the community is still thriving and pushing out content regularly.

Here are some numbers, for stat nerds:

  • 800+ Posters
  • More than 20 Contributors ranging from Age 16 to they-didn’t-reveal-their-age
  • Indians from all over the world contributed
  • 10,000+ followers overall (it is a big number. I think.)
  • Over 2,50,000 page views

Way to go!