FU News: Uber for protests launched

In an interesting turn of events, a startup company, which earlier dealt with raw materials for arranging a protest like placards, banners, stones, unemployed youth, and water cannons (if you happen to be in their right books), has launched an Android App, ‘Stonr : The Dharna App’. This app has been made to meet the increasing demands of protests.

Stonr: Uber for Protests

“There is a huge demand for arranging various things for a successful protest. So we thought, it is worthwhile to invest in Stonr”, its founder said. With this app, you needn’t worry about logistics of a protest. You can just enter the location, timing, headcount and tentative number of stones required and voila! the app take cares of the rest. Any jobless youth interested in protesting, can register themselves as ‘Protestrs’ and find any nearby protests and can join in. Whenever there is lack of material and protesters, the app provides a ‘Surge’ where joinees will get free caps, and a 2 minute primer of the cause of protest, in case any journalist asks.

The app is based on a freemium model where first protests will be free provided you use the promocode ‘DHARNA’. Afterwards, the protestee will have to pay a sum of Rs. 100,000 per protest for 100 protesters and Rs. 250 thereon for more headcount per person.

The app is currently available only on Android but soon it will be on other OS too. ‘Stonr’ has already started getting traction and has had 2 Million downloads. Unicorns like HardBank and U-Capital have shown intentions to invest in the app and they value it in billions already.

App Screenshots via Freepik.com

Disclaimer: FU News is Fake Unconfirmed News.

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