FU News – Tension at an all-time high in a narrow alleyway today

two men in sumo wrestling

Lucknow, India – FU News Staff

In clearly a case of growing Intolerance, today in the office of certain department, 2 men of 2 different communities got stuck in a logger jam situation in a narrow alleyway near the Water Cooler.

Both men had more than reasonable paunches so only one could pass at a time. However, due to the rising Intolerance, both came in together and expected the other to give side to the other.

Because of their egos, nobody moved an inch and kept on coming forward. Eventually, they got stuck because their paunches came into each other’s contact and due to a vacuum-like situation getting created between them, they got stuck to each other while both getting stuck together in the alleyway.

Both were not talking to each other but kept on trying to get out of this precarious situation making ‘uuunnhh, ahhh’ sounds. The alleyway was already quite narrow so it was hot in there and the friction between the paunches generated more heat making local warming a true and real thing.

They kept on sweating profusely and started swearing at each other to give side. They kept on shouting at each other and tensions rose to an all-time high, while the other staff kept giggling at them. Finally the bottleneck got cleared only when the sweat acted as a lubricant and pushing them away from each other.

In another similar news, 2 more men of another 2 different communities got stuck in the same situation as well. However, there was no physical confrontation since both kept saying to each other ‘Pehle aap’ – ‘Pehle aap’ and nobody moved.

Photo by Bob Fisher on Unsplash

Disclaimer: Not really true.