FU News: Human Neck to get longer, evolution study reports

Oct 11, 2020 – Tawang, India

In a throat grabbing study published by the unscientific group ‘Evolution World Wide’ (aka Eww), it was noted that the next version of Humans will have longer necks, as long as evolution stays as a fact.

The group noticed that due to the 2020 pandemic, masks have become commonplace and it can impact the neck length in long term. Although most of the literate people do wear masks where they should be worn, i.e. covering mouths and nose, there is a large group of humans who wear masks on their necks, just below the chins. That tricks the mind to assume that the neck is the most dangerously exposed place from which infections could enter the human body. Hence, there is a chance that necks would be given due importance and they would grow much longer. Eww says that the species of humans in the future would be named Homo Giraffus. It is not known what impact would it make on the overall spinal cord and the stability of the skull but it seems that is the price humans have to pay if they keep wearing masks on their necks in place of the mouth and nose.

Eww also observed that Adam’s Apple would grow bigger and womenfolk might also fashion the same if they also wear masks on their necks and if evolution keeps itself on tracks.

FU News is as Fake a news is, as the landing of Martians on the Earth (as per records as on today). Take it with a pinch of salt and try to avoid taking it too seriously. And, please wear the mask properly.

Header Pic: https://unsplash.com/photos/_whop2XD0Mk