Fitting it like Tetris

There’s a nice mini-series of a Documentary on Netflix called: High Score. The premise of ‘High Score’ is the evolution of video games from the 80s until very recently.

Among other things, the game Tetris is discussed extensively in it. 90’s kids would remember how addictive the game was. The aim was to arrange the falling pieces into their place. Sometimes, they won’t fit logically anywhere and one has to wait for another piece to fall which would fit somewhere and get you some relief and a good score. The game might go on for very long and there might be a period that your out-of-the-place piece will be stuck there with no end in sight while you slowly move towards ‘Game Over’.

But more often than not, in some time, there will be an angel piece that would come and save you.

In these times of pandemic, we often feel like that piece which fell into a place which wasn’t intended for us, like a square peg into a round hole. And till an angel piece like a Vaccine comes, we are pretty much stuck. But if we stick long enough and let things settle down on their own, we might find ways to adjust and survive slightly longer. Then there might be some pieces that will automatically fall into other places and save you from the lurking danger.

No matter how long it takes, eventually one finds its place. Till then we just need to stick together for some time more.

Photo by Hello I’m Nik 🎞 on Unsplash