Feeling Trumped!

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Although I am extremely lucky in a generic sense as a human. But when it comes to being lucky in winning prizes or monetary bonanzas, I am as lucky as the bird who arrives at the scene later in the morning. I have to really struggle, strive, and scramble to earn something though.

So, today I got an email from my bank that they are crediting some money in my account due to a correction at their end. The amount was substantial. My first instinct was to double-check the source of the email because it could’ve very well been a phishing email or spam. It wasn’t. I couldn’t wrap my head around being so lucky out of the blue. I could hear happy uplifting music and the sun shone brighter.

Then I checked my account and the account had got credit with nothing but zero, zilch, shoonya. It might have been a mistake at the bank’s end, I thought. My smile turned upside down and the sky grew darker and somber background music took over the surroundings.

After a few hours, I received another mail. It was a correction email which corrected the previous correction email. They did credit my account eventually. But the amount credited was, say substantial divide by 1000, which turned out to be negligible. The bank apologized for goofing up the decimal in the amount.

Who else is feeling trumped today?


  1. I got the same set of emails from my bank, but instead of the account, it was about a credit card, and even though I do hold one credit card from this bank, and have held quite a few in the past, from the same bank, this number was unknown to me. And I got two sets of emails, one with the larger amount, and the second with the same amount/100. But no trace of where that money is going.

    Like you, I thought it was some sort of phishing, and so I ignored it.

    Today I got a SMS from another bank whose card I hold, about a similar credit in the card I hold with them – this time the number being correct.

    Perhaps it’s related to the moratorium for Covid thing that the government promised us.

    1. Exactly. The account number mentioned was not found on my account so I was confused myself. Neither I took any loan as such. May be this amount is our 15 lakh thingy.

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