So I recently watched: Fargo

Wide-angle shots. A vast expanse of barren lands covered with snow. The crime just happened or about to happen. Great percussion music in the background building up the scene. Characters who indulge you in hyping up the scene with great acting. Tense situation. A bullet about to go off. And then all of sudden, out of nowhere, something totally unexpected shows up and changes the course of everything.


That’s the TV Show Fargo for you. I just finished watching Fargo Season 4 a few days back. And like all the previous seasons, it is a delight. For those who might have seen Fargo, the movie would be hooked from the get-go. I had not seen that but still, after watching the movie and the anthology series, Fargo has become one of my most favorite TV shows of all time.

It is a Crime Dramady Anthology (different stories in each season but linked by ambiance or some references) in which meek and innocent-looking folks get entangled into a crime that might be linked to an organized crime syndicate. Some characters are just curious to find out why certain crimes happened. They don’t have much power over the proceedings but just because they are curious, they find out a few things which get the ball rolling. Paths mish-mash and it leads to more crimes. And then something happens which you would never even imagine. And that makes it highly unusual, different, yet an entertaining watch. The disclaimer shown at the beginning of the show itself deserves huge praise.

Fargo has just the right pace for a TV show. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to enjoy a black comedy of good quality.

I liked many other movies of the Coen Brothers (who made the Movie Fargo and act as the executive producers of this show by Noah Hawley) and they have this unique take on creating great crime dramas and sprinkling it with humor appropriately. This video would support this point brilliantly.

Fargo is available in India on both Prime as well as Netflix.