Don’t get your hopes up

One time, my parents were coming from North India to Bangalore (South India). They boarded the flight around 9 AM and they were scheduled to land by 11.30 AM which they did. I lived in Central-Southern Bangalore then. So, I started around 9 AM from my place and I reached the airport around 12 PM. That’s how far the airport is from the city. It is so far that if someone asks you to come and pick them up at the airport, you can just laugh it out as if they were joking.

But there is a piece of good news for all the people living and coming to Bengaluru via air. Finally, there is a Train launched which can take people to the Kempegowda International Airport i.e. the Bangalore main Airport from the city Railway Station.

This took a decade and some more years to happen from paper to reality. Normally in a Taxi, it would take a minimum of 600-800 Rupees to reach the airport.

I am not being a cynic again but that’s how news can fool you. One headline says ‘In 10 Rupees, you can reach Bangalore Airport’. That’s how News tricks the mind. Obviously, not the whole of Bangalore can reach the airport when they need it in just Rs. 10. So, don’t get your hopes up too soon. But remain an optimist. To reach the railway station from any point in Bangalore is a task in itself but still, one hurdle is down.

A start is a start. That’s how we are as a country. Small tokens of happiness keep us optimistic. Keep it coming!