December Mornings

people watching game of cricket during sunset

December. Early wintery morning. TV tuned to Sports Channel hours ago before the actual match scheduled to start. The sky is looking bluer and the ground is seemingly greener with seagulls doing their thing near the advertising mark on the ground. Audience lazying around on grassy slopes and people of all ages with hats on cheering from the stands. Australia vs India is on.

That’s how most of my Decembers used to go a decade or so ago. Today while I watch another India vs Australia One day Cricket match, nostalgia swept me over.

Earlier India used to lose most of the matches and things now… well, haven’t really changed much but the fight is much tighter now.

Everyone has some memories of watching sports in peculiar ways. It formed a really big part of me growing older. Today’s another such day.

How did your December Mornings go?

Photo by Marcus Wallis on Unsplash