This page is inspired by Derek Siver’s /Now page and is going to mostly replace my Facebook and Twitter cravings which still creep in sometimes even though I have been unofficially been away since 2018.

Last Updated on: 08 September 2020


  • Bengaluru (Jaipur), India.
  • Back to the grind. I was told by the Airport authorities to stay at home. Now they have stopped saying it to anyone who travels. So, I could have come just a week later and could have gone out and about.
  • Still working from home. Pain is never-ending I guess.


  • Working on Software to help retailers become better, for the last 10 years!
  • Student of Data Science. Final Comprehensive Exams are coming….
  • Learning Public Speaking



  • The Boys – Amazon Prime
  • Last Watched:
    • The Big Bang Theory – Netflix (Review here)
    • Dark – Netflix (Review here)