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What’s in the title? Hi.How are you, Blog? I am okay, I think. To your surprise, it was my wife today who asked me to blog. That’s because in this Lockdown Quarantines, Alien Sounds, Locust Attacks, Thunderstorms Woes, and everything else, I have been doing only 1thing. I have been sitting on my desk from […]

Productivity in Lockdown

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Making of Dalgona Coffee Relishing Home-Made Gol-Gappe, Samosas, Chhole-Bhatoore, etc Learning new skills and mastering a zen-like personality Creativity reaching great heights, higher than heaven Daily Blogging of Lockdown Chronicles and becoming Seth Godin Working from Home and being super relaxed and chilled Productivity Gold Standard Working Out and having a toned physique Above are […]

Murphy’s Law

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In 2004, the share markets went down all across the world. They were slightly more down than usual down. They said that it was sort of a minor-recession-cycle-low which happens every 4-8 years. I was just about to start college. I thought to myself: Thankfully it is happening now… What worse would happen at the […]

Notes from the Lockdown, Day 15

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It might be day 10 or day 13, I am not sure. I haven’t gone out since March 5th or March 13th, save 2 days in between. So, it is all blurry. Kindly excuse. Here are some notes/thoughts: It is tough when you have nothing to distract you. You need those honking sounds, the sounds […]

Covidiot + Indiot = Covindiot

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Many of you must have received this. A wordplay on Covid and Idiot. Let me just add another word to your vocab: Indiot noun ind·i·ot A stupid person of Indian origin who does things only idiot Indians would do. ‘Don’t burst crackers in your hand, you indiot!‘ A stupid Indian person who doesn’t follow rules, […]

Work From Home Guidelines from a Non-Expert

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Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. Then later there’s running and screaming. Ian Malcolm, Jurassic Park – The Lost World Fiction has become a reality. Who would have thought that it would happen so suddenly? But it is not an alien attack, or Dinosaurs roaming around, or an asteroid coming (It is […]

2020 will be full of fireworks

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Back in 2002, when I was still in school, 2020 seemed like a far fetched affair. There was some discussion originating from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam’s mind about 2020 would be The Year. It felt like it would be a time when the World would have totally changed. Technology would have made leaps and bounds. […]

Year 2019 End Blog Post

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So, the fastest year of life is over in a jiffy. I went to Goa in Jan 2018 and it feels like it was just a few weeks ago. That’s how fast the last 2 years have gone by. There were many learnings this year work-wise. I have now completed more than a decade of […]

Thinking Fast and Slow.

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Currently, I am reading the book Thinking Fast and Slow and as of now, it is amazing. But, this is not about the book, I just wanted to use the title. Alright, I will admit that I have been slow this time. Probably not paying too much attention to news/Twitter has made me so. But […]

Selfie with Foreigners

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If you are a tourist in India and if you happen to be White (you could very well be a very fair-skinned Indian), then you would surely have been stopped anywhere and would have been asked for a Selfie. This would have generally been a polite request asked with such humbleness and doe-eyed facial expression […]

The New Indian Adhesive

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It’s ISRO obviously. What else could unite us all at 2 AM in the morning? It used to be Cricket only. Sometimes movies. But from September 7, 2019, ISRO is the next Indian adhesive, I think! Well, Chandrayaan 2 is a partial success after all. It reached pretty far accurately, even became the first Indian […]

Correcting Selflessness

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“So, I shouldn’t voluntarily donate blood at all from next time, right? Isn’t that what it is supposed to mean?” Me That was my stern reaction when I was told that the hospital doesn’t take blood from an external blood bank. I was indeed livid while the person in front of me kept a straight […]

So I recently watched: Avengers Endgame

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Goosebumps! Rarely it happens that I am this excited to watch a movie. But the hype was spilling over the brim and the wait had become way too much longer. I watched the movie on Tuesday after it had already earned billions of dollars at the BO. And then when you hear, the once dreaded […]

Bookstores of Bangalore

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Did I tell you, I always wanted to own a Stationary Shop which also sold books? I have always wanted to read more and more books. But like everyone else, I end up reading less and less. There are some phases when I do read 2-3 books in very less time. But those times come […]

Watch your Watch

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Let’s start with my self. If I don’t reach somewhere I am needed or I want to be on time or at least 5 minutes before, my internal system go for a toss. Unless it is totally out of my control like a traffic jam happening 5 KMs ahead, I don’t get late. In fact, […]

Humbleness isn’t Hard

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Millennials in India must be familiar with Roadies, the MTV Reality Show in which one has to go through a brutal and rigorous interview process to enter the contest. Needless to say, the show isn’t in sync with my point of view. I recently came across this Twitter thread by someone who faced a brutal […]