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And once more, so probably you know that I am here to stay… [hopefully]

The Burning Train
The Burning Train

More on and waiting for contributions from others.

P.S.: The destination might be a little tricky but it is just a fan art so any mistake is minimal too on a minimal poster anyways. No?


She clicked the link and the page started to download. As soon as something legible appeared on the screen, her eyes lit up like the laptop screen which brightens up when the charger is plugged into it for charging. After all, she was on this site after ages. (In modern era, ‘ages’ is actually in the order of hours spent on the Internet. Suppose you are away from Twitter for about 3.5 hours in a day, you are away since ages. Trending topics change man!) By those standards, it was probably eons ago. Or even more. Her heart was beating as if she was in the bottom 3 or the danger zone in a reality show elimination episode, where everything is fixed but still they have to show restlessness and few tears from at least one eye. The anticipation regarding the webpage was so high that she was getting colored dreams about it since the day he mentioned that he will be back in the business soon.

But a part of her was angry. Very angry. Even angrier than Kalaignar when Kanimozhi was arrested. Though I don’t think he can express his anger through his physical appearance. (Kindly note the effective use of Tamil words to attract people from all over India.) Anyways, she was angry because he always promised that this time it’s going to be consistent. This time it is going to be better. This time it is going to be this and that and what not. But it never did. He had been regularly irregular since 2010 like the MS Windows Copy Dialog Box which says 10 minutes remaining and then no… no… Wait… only 10 seconds remaining… and again he… he… 30 minutes remaining… Bazinga!

And then she started reading the blog post. On this new template and newer URL. With the newer-er but weirdly sounding name. Another weird funda it seems, she thought. But she loved it. She loved the HTML and CSS which she couldn’t see directly but she did a CTRL+U to admire the beauty, if any. She loved the header, the simplicity in the sidebar, the dull grey color and the title. She loved the words that appeared on the screen too. She had already decided that she is going to bookmark this location by clicking that start-type button up there and keep coming to the site whenever new stuff gets published. Mother promise. She didn’t know much about Feeds but she was sure that she will subscribe to it. If needed, hunt him down this time if he abstained from this task and make him write again. And since then, because of you dear reader, he is blogging happily ever after.

I am assuming that you felt something similar. If you didn’t, it is OK.

Nostalgia. Sniff.

P.S.: Hello beloved readers! I am back. Again. Yep. Hi-5! Till now, if I am able to count, I have come back so many times, that I should be renamed as someone from the clan of ‘Backlog’. I have been making and killing blogs (Y2A Slog, Hitwicked, AB’s Web Log) so religiously that actually I am enjoying this now. But, that is not my fault entirely. Y2A Slog got killed because it deserved it. I mean it was too immature but it was honest. I thought I will keep blogging on Hitwicked but it became more of a Devdas blog and I am a teetotaler so it didn’t go good with my style and it was honest as well, honestly. Then I moved on to Posterous (which is run by an Indian (ethnically) guy who used to work in Apple. Brilliant!) But those people don’t allow JavaScript as if JavaScript was taboo. Apple mentality probably. Although it’s not like that I cannot breathe without JavaScript but as compared to WordPress, Posterous looks so preposterous and miser types. Handling comments on Posterous was BORING. But for my loyal fans (who forgot to comment on last few posts of mine, but that’s okay keeping in mind you have a life too, what if it starts and ends online) I have imported all my readable posts, except those who bring embarrassment, to this blog. So YOU CAN READ ALL OF THEM right here on this very blog. Yes!

Though this time, I am not going to promise anything. And No-More-Hello-World-Posts as well. I might be regular, I might be irregular here. Blogging is one thing I never took seriously in life like a few people around take it. Of course I am joking, as when I was really into blogging, day and night I was thinking of things to write. But I never had a plan. I just sat to write and words started to flow (Everyone says so, though). Whereas, they researched on their posts and spent hours in drafting one. Wrote hajjar words and then proof-read it hajjar x 2 times till every word was shining and drool-worthy. I am talking about the big-guns and not you, obviously. And I was as serious as Google when they come up with some Social Networking site when it came to topics to write upon. But I like writing. I like to express myself through these blog posts and also aspire to get huge female fan following. And some networking with males as well, professional only.

When I see my ‘draft’ posts, their number crosses well over 40, so I take it as my moral responsibility to make them into… ahem… readable posts so that my loyal readers can read them. I hope there are still some people who have the audacity to read something over 140 characters. This goes for them. Muaaah.

General Reaction. I know. (Photo Courtesy: No idea. Downloaded long long back.)

Thus, without the already ado-ed ado, I think I am back. And I am thinking of making a category named ‘I-Am-Back’ in it to handle this coming and going drama.

The World is Round (if you see it from my i)

I don’t know if it is just me but I find that people who wear Circular Lenses/ Round Frames/ Windsor Spectacles, turn out to be revolutionaries. Time and again, someone came up with this kind of glasses and people went crazy for them. And this has happened across cultures. I need not mention the achievements the following people did as everyone will be able to identify them instantly.

Not exactly him but the stories is what our generation grew up with

And then…


When I was growing up in the Nostalgic 90s, the world was changing faster than it did in the last few decades. Everything was becoming Digital from Analog. Though many of my friends had already seen and touched it, only in 1996 I got my hands on the thing called a Personal Computer in school Computer Lab. We were asked to keep our shoes outside the lab for some reason. That made the whole experience more mysterious. From the outside of the lab, one could hear the sound of Dot Matrix Printer. Heavenly scratching sound which only the Radio could match when stations were tuned. We entered the lab. It was dim. Obviously, I had seen them on TV and probably at other kids’ homes but this was the first time I got the chance to lay my fingers on them. It was White. It had deep black and white screen where one could see actual rastering on the CRT screen if the eyelids were kept slightly closed. And then we did the best thing in the world one could do. Make a circle on the screen by giving instructions to it, in LOGO.

REPEAT 360 [FD 1 RT 1]

And I loved it. I decided at once that I need this at home. NOW. But due to some reasons, I couldn’t get it. Later in 1997, my friend bought one. I went to his home one day and they were watching ‘Titanic‘ on it. Probably, they were at that scene so as soon as I entered their room, they switched it off abruptly. I was jealous. Then later in 1998, I saw this on TV.


I became more jealous. I asked my parents when can I have this thing. They said that they’ve heard that Computer distracts good students from studying (which holds true) so they’ll buy one for me when I actually need it. So around that time and 1999, people had started buying Personal Computers at home. I got to know that one another version of Personal Computer was there and it was called ‘iMac’. Totally droolable stuff even then. Sigh. I got my computer in 2004 FYI.

Steve Jobs was one figure who actually revolutionized this personal technology thingy. I won’t go further as everyone knows it already. I don’t own any Apple product even now. Though I want to have them all. The only Apple product I use is their software iTunes. And yet I admire Steve Jobs and his work continues to amaze me. His greatest ‘tech intervention’ is the tablet. I am sure it will ultimately replace our notebooks and textbooks. It is just a matter of time. That’s what his vision must have been, isn’t it? What fascinated me when I was growing up was made by him and his team and people like him. Though, I hope someone else will rise up like him and keep us involved in the hype when a new gadget gets revealed.

R.I.P Steve Jobs. The world has become Jobless now and we will take some time to cope up with the loss.

And one more thing…

What are you looking at Mister?

Waking up is the most difficult part in their lives, there is no doubt about it. More than 24 hours in a day, they have always tried to fit. Eyes groggily tell the story of every night. Waking up till late to complete the daily tasks, important and unimportant, but no one understands their plight. Getting ready to kill is their motto every day. But hey, don’t forget to put that thing around neck always, as they say. Like all dressed up neat and clean, they move out of their homes. Have to walk up till the bus stop, with earphones, plugged in till the ear drums and they sing, and yawn.

Reaching the stop is never such a pain but finding a place which is relaxed and safe is surely a game. They see faces there, dull, depressing, sorry, drunk, pale and only few of them chirpy still they all look lame. They try to make sure that they are away from such eyes, who stare from head to toe, with weird and cold vibes. The scanning eyes are always there and the scan reaches a logical rest. All they keep on staring is the place 1 foot above the waist. They glance the region the most, is the area where it hangs that is slightly below the throat. If they stare back at the stare-er, the concentration dilutes around in the air as it was lost, it may not be that dirty as I present but it sure looks low in cost.

The look at that region is aloof of the gender, but the awkwardness persists even if you have a strong heart or it is soft and tender. The inferior feeling which that is felt with is actually nothing as compared to the continuous staring they have always dealt with. I wonder how they must feel when they have to go daily through this ordeal. Isn’t it like watching someone puke while having a meal? Now they have started hanging it around the groin showing extra wit, where it moves like a pendulum, stick it back up where it belongs I must insist.

They claim that they stare because they care. But this is something different, staring it continuously, how do they dare? Even passer bys don’t forget to give it a look, what do they want to do with that? Take it, hang it in your home, watch it instead of the TV, put it around a hook. They have become used to this judging I guess but that kind of staring is a sign of them trying for a shag, but calm down, here I am just talking about my company tag.

Open Letters for Open Letters

Hello Open Letter Writers!

How are you? I am in pink of my health here and hope the same for you.
This is my first open letter. Not that I don’t know how to write letters but I was bit conservative to write an open letter. I didn’t bother to write one anyways because Letters are meant to be private as I was taught. So,  please expect some deviations from the standard of Open Letter Writing. By the way is there any RFC for that? Any Guidelines? Protocol (From bottom to Up: PDNTSPA)? ISO standard? No? Tch. Okay, so here it goes.
People, why are you so frustrated? I mean are you the Indian Hockey Team? Or Rakhi Sawant’s father’s barber? Abhishek Manu Singhvi’s kids? Poonam Pandey’s true fan?
Why have you written so much text for someone who doesn’t even know you and, for sure, will never know you or read your open letter and Laugh Out Loud, unless you are Kamaal R Khan’s lookalike. Man, everyone knows that you did to get some cheap publicity. No, no, don’t look sideways or make faces. Everyone knew since beginning that you had penchant for being famous like our Mayawati had for expensive Kolapuri Chappals. See, I know that few people  became famous writing open letters, but not everyone is a tall sardar with a fancy surname no?
See, if you were frustrated over something, write over it in normal blog post kind of manner, outrage over it on Twitter, and move on with life. Writing open letters again and again, shows that you didn’t have courage to directly ask the subject. If frustration level had gone over the danger mark, like it happens during monsoon in our local naalaah (Drainage and Sewage System, c’mon, today is Hindi Diwas for God’s sake!) or Yamuna in your Delhi, you could have gone for a Hunger Strike at Ram Leela. Writing only, how will it help Sir?
Writing too many open letters will make you an open letter box. How shameful is that if you know what I mean? What will you write when you will run of the things which frustrate you? Now, you will say that there are innumerable things which frustrate you so you can go on and on and on. Abey, how frustrated can you be? Jaago Graahak Jaago but there should be a limit where you should get satisfied. Are you Hari Sadu’s Appraisal Reviewer or what?
Now the question is am I frustrated of you? Of course I am. Even after writing this, I am not going to get the number of comments I deserve. Huh.
Give my regards to your parents and your pet dog.
Your’s electronically
Irom Sharmila’s Level Ignored Blogger.