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  • So I recently watched ‘Rocket Boys’ & ‘Oppenheimer’
    But first, CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE FOR CHANDRAYAAN – 3’S SUCCESS! It is just fitting that I finished watching the Sony Liv series ‘Rockey Boys’ based on the lives of Homi Bhabha and Vikram Sarabhai, along with some bits of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam just a day after the successful landing of Chandrayaan – 3 on the … Read more
  • 100 Days
    Of return to Bengaluru It’s been 100 days since I returned back to Bengaluru and have started to travel to work. Few observations, in no particular order: All in all, the return to Bengaluru is old news now. Things are returning to old times. Old is the new normal, I think.
  • Moved
    So move is now complete. But the unpacking might take 200 more years. The money I saved by not renting a place last year has all been spent in moving and settling down. Fortunately new place is 90% same as my old place. So it’s all nostalgia and Deja Vu but hey paint is new! … Read more
  • Moving
    12000 years ago, when Homo Sapiens had had enough of it, they decided to settle down. Their main motivation was to grow food themselves instead of running behind it. After finding a decent place by the river, where breeze was nice, neighbour sapiens were not too nosy, wild animals were distant, noise was minimum and … Read more
  • Hello 2023
    I can’t be the only one who still thinks March 2020 was just a few days ago. Many things have changed since then but some part of the mind hasn’t moved on. Maybe it would move on once someone officially says that “Pandemic is over now. Go and enjoy life like there’s no fear!”. I … Read more
  • Staying Thethered
    A couple of days ago, I appeared for the final exam of my Masters in Data Science. So, it’s finally over, done and dusted.  Did I learn something? Yes. Could it be done better? Definitely. Do I feel happy? Of course. Do I need to study further or is it the end of education? Hah … Read more
  • Year 2021 End Blog Post
    This might be the shortest Year-end blogpost ever on this blog although the year was one of the longest for me. Professional I am saying this every year since 2018 but I might have put together more working hours than many previous years combined. It felt so, at least. This year brought technological leaps one … Read more
    When the reading stops, writing stops too. Isn’t this the worst!
  • So I recently became… A Father
    As I type this, I have in close vicinity, a small human cooing and making the sound of a vehicle applying breaks. It is one of the most inexplicably weird emotions felt as a human – to have another human that is your own doing. That human was (re)produced by me and my wife and … Read more
  • Do what you can!
    I always used to wonder how would people who lived in history felt when they had to undergo some calamity. Natural disasters, Wars, Revolutions, and whatnot. Well, we got the opportunity to face a pandemic during our lifetime as well. Pretty depressing couple of weeks, aren’t they. I just hope and wish that the crisis … Read more
  • Writer’s Block
    I haven’t blogged for 10 days straight. That’s the longest span since I started blogging daily last year. But I didn’t have any writer’s block. I had too much to do with work and the life which remained apart from work left me so tired that I slept like a baby as soon as I … Read more
  • Too Small to be Effective?
    “If you think you are too small to be effective, you have never been in the dark with a mosquito.”– Betty Reese
  • Problems vs Solutions
    As Sunny Deol said in Border, the word Problem is synonymous with the word Life. Complaining a lot? Read this I had shared the quote in the above post just a couple of months ago. But then I got a chance to complain about certain things. Lately, I realized that harping about problems doesn’t make … Read more
  • What’s really natural?
    Anything which hasn’t been meddled with by humans yet could be called natural. But everything gets impact by human activities. The remotest place on the planet would have had some impact of things happening elsewhere. El nino and what not! When it comes to food, normally we wouldn’t check ingredients. But there’s a reason that … Read more
  • Bhrahmaand
    Ravi and Bhaskar, two teenagers who have keen interest in space, go on a school trip to a Planetarium. While they learn about space and the Solar System, we as audience learn with them. And with that we take a deep dive into the nostalgic TV program Brahmaand of late 1980s and early 1990s. It … Read more
  • Green Lights
    There are days when every traffic light you encounter turns green from red as soon you are about to stop. Then if you keep your pace optimised till the next stop, you encounter another green light, and so on. You get going, get happier, get luckier. Somedays the opposite happens. You try to go faster, … Read more
  • When the going gets tough
    The tough might be too tired to get going. Responsibilities grow when you grow older. The sooner one learns this lesson, the easier it becomes to tackle. I didn’t want to just rant on this blog and just do for the sake of it. But sustaining a daily blog can work only if the schedule … Read more
  • Things change
    I have always been interested in being able to take good photographs. The process of capturing scenes, the moment, the landscape. And the process of editing, ah what fun. When I started and bought by own camera, Flickr was in vogue. Later 500px was buzzing. Then to a certain extent Instagram became the go to … Read more
  • Discipline
    This is often said “Confidence comes from mastery. Mastery comes from repetition. Repetition comes from discipline.” Having said that, discipline is actually the hardest thing to achieve. There are several factors at play to distract one from staying disciplined. If discipline was the peak, it’s a very pointy peak and all sides around it are … Read more
  • A Layman’s Guide to The Annual Financial Budget
    It doesn’t exist. Sorry for the clickbait.
  • New Year Resolution starts now
    Every year, I tend to start working on my resolutions from Feb 1. By this time, gyms are back to the normal footfalls, people have forgotten their promises, and I am left with no choice but to start working out again. The year 2020 has been a year that took me off guard. By me, … Read more
  • Life is hard
    “When I hear somebody sigh, “Life is hard“, I am always tempted to ask, “Compared to what?” Sydney Harris
  • Sweet Spot
    You know when the ball hits the Cricket bat at the sweet spot, it makes that crackling of sound and the ball just rushes towards the boundary. That knocking sound and the power generated from that Sweet Spot is one of the most majestic things in Cricket to a player as well as the viewer … Read more
  • My profession is Better than Yours?
    In any office cafeteria in today’s day and age, there would be flocks of people coming in and going out during lunchtime. They would come in groups or alone, sit at some tables, have their lunch, and go back. There’s nothing unusual in this. But there would be a bunch of folks who would clean … Read more
  • So I recently read: The Psychology of Money by Morgan Housel
    I didn’t read but I listened to the audio book actually. I am following blogposts of Morgan Housel for some time now and I find them really insightful. Moreover, this book got enough good praise so it was due. Some key lessons which I learned from this book are as follows: Compounding Works Money might … Read more
  • Irregular Weekend Programming Halted
    As this is not a competition, I am going to not write a daily blog on Weekends from now on. Not that I can’t, but I want to let the brain take a back seat on weekends and indulge in other skills I might want to improve on. Not that someone is complaining, but I … Read more
  • Nobody’s going to believe you if…
    I was recently listening to a podcast by Sanjay Dixit called ‘The Jaipur Dialogues’ in which he had invited Shiv Sastry. Dr. Sastry is a retired Surgeon and is apparently the son of the founder of the famous Mysore Sandal Soap. The podcast mainly dealt with him talking about his new book about the myth … Read more
  • Reaching out to people whose work you like
    It might seem a far-fetched idea in today’s turbulent time but people do respond back when you write to them, normally. As it is clear from the fact that I have a blog for over a decade and I do enjoy writing, I like many others who write too. I always want to write back … Read more
  • Unoffendable Belief System
    I just wish to have a belief system that is un-offendable. No matter what anyone says, it shouldn’t really bother anyone. Like offense-proof. How does it matter if someone disrespects it by calling it names? They are just names, right? Say if someone abuses someone. Nothing changes in them physically at any level. They are … Read more
  • Words to live by if you want to Excel in life
    Power Corrupts. PowerPoint Corrupts Absolutely. Edward Tufte