Without further ado

Often, these words ‘without further ado’ are said before calling upon someone of importance or moving on to the main event. It has become a tradition. For the audience, build up matters, but they can also do without it if everything before was ‘ado’. More often than not, warming up a crowd is just a formality or a mere trend. If I have chosen to spend my time to attend an event, or a concert, or a comedy show, I know why I’m here. I don’t want to be subjected to unnecessary delays. Of course, only when I haven’t chosen, then the heightened fuss might lead to something.

The same example works for going to a restaurant for a specific dish. We can extend the wait further by bringing in a minute portion of appetizers, or can directly dig in the main course. Again, if your motive is to spend more time at the restaurant and savor everything one by one, only then it is fine.

For me, getting to the point, in time, works wonders. If it were up to me, I will cut a from ado and just do it. Delaying just because of tradition might be off-putting for many. If you have something to do or say, the right time is now.