Schrödinger's cat?

Life is a bit weird. Not much but a bit for sure.

I was alone in the apartment with nothing to do. So I watched ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ in the afternoon yesterday. The movie is good and gets you thinking. Later in the night (very late, at around 1200 midnight), I thought of watching Nolan’s Insomnia, there by completing all of his finally (ESOTSM is not his BTW) in the living room. The movie again, though not as grueling for mind as the other movies of his, but indeed thought provoking. I had switched off the lights to get a better viewing experience as well. In the middle of the movie, I heard a small thudd outside the door. I ignored it once but when I heard it again, I went outside to find no one. Thinking that it might be just wind blowing across, I continued with the movie.

The movie ended up at around 2:00 AM. I shut the laptop off and I switched the lights on. As soon as I entered my room, I find a dark brownish cat sitting on one side of the bed. As it happens, when you switch the light on after spending some good time in darkness, eyes take a while to adjust to the brightness so I was caught startled. I mean, if you don’t have a pet, who expects a cat sitting on your bed at 2.00 AM in the night. Like myself, the cat too got surprised and jumped off to run away. It went into the living room and jumped out of the window which was, say 20%, opened and ran away. It was not scary but laughable. I cleaned up the bed to check if it had not done some shit and made my Saturday Caturday! It hadn’t.

So I slipped into the blanket (Bangalore is a hill-less-hill-station, remember?) which felt unusually warm on right bottom side (and it was not warm as in Wet warm) and tried to sleep which I could only after an hour later. The mind itself keeps imagining things, no?

Now whenever I will enter my room, I will check once if there is a cat or not. It could be there, it could not be there.


Update: 28 November 2012

Found the cat alive, sitting on a bundle of newspaper at 3.30 AM making scratching noises in the apartment (again). Thrilled.