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How are you, Blog?

I am okay, I think. To your surprise, it was my wife today who asked me to blog. That’s because in this Lockdown Quarantines, Alien Sounds, Locust Attacks, Thunderstorms Woes, and everything else, I have been doing only 1
thing. I have been sitting on my desk from 7.30 AM till 11.30 PM in the night. So I need to be creative again. Hence, we are here. Let me share my daily routine.

I start my day by studying from 7.30.AM. Then it metamorphosis into work as Slack starts to make sounds. Then emails galore, and then through a barrage of work stuff, I study again in the evening, and again answer to emails and try to juggle things and then I give up in the evening when Eyes and the body have no battery left.

How about you?

And heh, just to break the monotony, I make it a point to clean the dishes. To have some variety.

How’s your Work-From-Home going on?

On the studying part, it is getting more and more intense and I feel I am studying less and less. The work is becoming more and more, and days are becoming shorter.

We didn’t plan this, right? What’s happening?
Moreover, did you see that mostly everyone is back on the road, with masks.

So, what was all that drama?

Are we done with this? Was it even a thing? How come we fell prey to this? And going by the increased traffic, will the healed nature going to turn back to its way on actually ruin itself with Climate Change?

Seriously. What’s the new normal?

It is time to change a few things. Let’s reboot.

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