Going Offline

To start the first post on a new blogging platform with ‘Going Offline’ as the title is mildly awkward but this is what I am going to write about to debut on Svbtle.

My aim in 2014 to go off the Google Search. Or to at least push my name to second page of Google Search and let others who bear the same name get the chance to the show their mettle, if any. On the images link, I want no image of me lurking around from any social media website barring the ones already published on any news media site because one cannot ask them to bring the pics down. To achieve this, I have already decided to stay social but stay low profile. That is, I have removed all the pictures where I happen to be tagged on Facebook. Set the privacy settings on Facebook (oxymoron?) to ‘only me’ on all the profile pictures and deleted all the always-public cover pictures.

On Twitter, the aim is to collate the ideas which were behind those wasted 140 characters and put them into meaningful blog posts. This is bit like talking to myself instead of just shouting a couple of words in a day for no effect but just to get some RTs. I won’t meddle much with Google.com/+ because nobody cares anyways.

Well, the reason behind this sudden decision to stay low profile on Internet is because it has become too much in our lives. Sharing lives online has become more than what it was intended to be. People are getting judged over how active or social they are online is absolutely uncalled for but unavoidable. Although, I am not going to be anonymous. Online anonymity is a good thing if you want to say whatever you want but don’t want any trouble. But I have decided to still say whatever I want without worrying about any trouble. Being honest is the best way to keep hair on your head.

I am done with the urge to get comments and likes and RTs for small things. (You can give Kudos here but I will try to ignore them too.) I just want to go offline and breathe a bit more, run a bit more, write a bit more and create a bit more.

P.S.: I am also going to publish the same on my ongoing blog on WordPress.

(Published on abnv.svbtle.com simultaneously)


Update on 3rd May 2014: Giving up on profile picture on Facebook because I have been told that this is not the age to hide. Point duly noted.

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