The World is Round (if you see it from my i)

I don’t know if it is just me but I find that people who wear Circular Lenses/ Round Frames/ Windsor Spectacles, turn out to be revolutionaries. Time and again, someone came up with this kind of glasses and people went crazy for them. And this has happened across cultures. I need not mention the achievementsContinue reading “The World is Round (if you see it from my i)”

What are you looking at Mister?

Waking up is the most difficult part in their lives, there is no doubt about it. More than 24 hours in a day, they have always tried to fit. Eyes groggily tell the story of every night. Waking up till late to complete the daily tasks, important and unimportant, but no one understands their plight.Continue reading “What are you looking at Mister?”

Dear Photographers To Be

This is a closed letter. Only people who like to click pictures should read this. This is strictly for those who have a Facebook album called ‘Random’. Exactly written for those kind of people who call themselves anything from Newbies to Rookies to Amateur and, after a while, even Professionals. Totally cool. This is forContinue reading “Dear Photographers To Be”

Going through changes

Whilst traffic was terrific as rush hour being crucial, and IT zombies were snoring in the bus, as usual, when I see a bunch of people walking in the rain, holding Indian flags in their hands, holding banner of ‘India Against Corruption’, something told me, man, we are going through changes. Whilst my friends who were busy watching dubbed South IndianContinue reading “Going through changes”