The Story of Minimal Movie Posters India

When in life, one goes to a rock concert, the feeling of envy creeps into the skin. You immediately want to be the one who is throwing his head with a microphone in the hand. You want to be that guitarist who is making the crowd go crazy. While you actual sit in a lameContinue reading “The Story of Minimal Movie Posters India”

Dear Dr. Anjali, Why Sachin Should Not retire now!

Hello Anjali Tendulkar Ji, I hope you are doing good, ahem, unlike your husband, err, no offence, as compared to his usual standards I mean. And what do I call you? Anjali Didi, Anjali Bhabhi or Anjali Aunty or let me call you Dr. Anjali, simply. See Dr. Anjali, you all know him better thanContinue reading “Dear Dr. Anjali, Why Sachin Should Not retire now!”

Mandatory Valentine's Day Post

I was a shy guy from the onset. Though I could blabber around freely with my guy pals, I was slightly meek when it came to talking with girls. Because of this inability to talk to them, they probably mistook me as an arrogant chap. Though I didn’t care much about others, there was someoneContinue reading “Mandatory Valentine's Day Post”

The Sarcasmic Verses

To be born again, one needs to die, and to dive deep into the dead sea, one needs to spark a controversy, and to spark that topic which can be controversial, one needs to take on something which is beneficial to someone, that something or someone has to be rigid and inflexible and stubborn, soContinue reading “The Sarcasmic Verses”