Dexter Minimalist Posters

I created Minimal Posters for the Thriller/Drama series Dexter. Since Season 7 is still on air, I have created 6 posters, each for each season. I hope those who have seen it will like these and those who haven’t can relate to these when they happen to watch!   Updating with posters of last 2Continue reading “Dexter Minimalist Posters”

Schrödinger's cat?

Life is a bit weird. Not much but a bit for sure. I was alone in the apartment with nothing to do. So I watched ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ in the afternoon yesterday. The movie is good and gets you thinking. Later in the night (very late, at around 1200 midnight), I thoughtContinue reading “Schrödinger's cat?”

Pakistan Open

Islamabad: As a spontaneous reaction to the 31st May’s Bharat-Bandh in the friendly neighborhood country India because of the Petrol Price hike, Pakistan has decided to call a Nation-wide Open on 1st June in their country. They have decided to keep open all the roads, cinema theaters, schools & colleges, restaurants, shops, hospitals, Courts and theirContinue reading “Pakistan Open”

Love, Wrinkle-Free Post

Ladies and ladies (the only readership of this blog) okay, gentlemen too, Feeling proud to announce that I got a chance to make official posters (Minimalistic) for the indie movie ‘Love, Wrinkle-Free’ releasing on May 25th. Posting some of the finalized designs here. Don’t forget to watch the movie this weekend in PVR in about 10Continue reading “Love, Wrinkle-Free Post”

Critically Act Lame Post

Since the day I’ve became famous (heh, I’ve still got a bit of humor left in me) and was adjudged a movie buff, I’ve come across plenty of people/bloggers who kind of consider themselves as movie reviewers. Not that this is a new practice or path breaking stuff, people used to share their takes onContinue reading “Critically Act Lame Post”