So I recently watched: Disney-Pixar Soul

If you have been through a lot in 2020, like everyone else, you aren’t alone. But if you want to end the year on a positive note, I suggest that you watch the new Disney Pixar movie ‘Soul’. It makes a great Christmas/New Year movie which can be watched with your family. It is availableContinue reading “So I recently watched: Disney-Pixar Soul”

But we don’t celebrate

From Netflix’s Comedians in Cars getting Coffee with Jerry Seinfeld and Ricky Gervais: “Auschwitz, December 25, 1944 In a dark, dull, and desolate dorm, cramped with many thin, malnutritioned, ready to give up faces, a Schutzstaffel kommander enters. He announces, “tis the time and the Fadar Christmas tells me to release you all. You canContinue reading “But we don’t celebrate”

Stop the jokes right now itself

We still have time. You remember, last time we made jokes about how Indians have strong immunity that nothing can make us sick. And see where we are right now? A new strain has come. From the UK. Another even more infectious has come from South Africa. Even kids are susceptible now. The vaccine mightContinue reading “Stop the jokes right now itself”