Happy 20th Birthday Wikipedia

There might be hardly a day on the Internet when I would not have used Wikipedia to satisfy my curiosity about something. And there has been no day when I didn’t open a page on Wikipedia and just closed it after reading. It has always led to opening a link on that page, and anotherContinue reading “Happy 20th Birthday Wikipedia”

It is here and that’s great but…

People around the world would react differently to Corona Virus Vaccines. Not biologically but with their actions, they would act differently. In India, Manish Kumar was the first to get inoculated. The name might not have the same zing as William Shakespeare who was the 2nd person to be vaccinated in the world after MargaretContinue reading “It is here and that’s great but…”

When any experience is never enough

Sankranti Kite flying is a sight to behold and a sport that matches nothing. The numerous colorful rhombuses adoring the blue and bright sky of January make the wintery day feel warmer than it might be. People of all ages climb on their rooftops, put on loud music, and try to compete with the windContinue reading “When any experience is never enough”

Political Mandala

Being political has become derogatory nowadays. If someone calls you liberal or conservative, it feels like it is an insult while it shouldn’t be. Same way, it has become binary. You cannot have different views on different topics but you always have that. Nobody has black or white standpoints. Most of us are just inContinue reading “Political Mandala”