Open Letters for Open Letters

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Hello Open Letter Writers! How are you? I am in pink of my health here and hope the same for you. This is my first open letter. Not that I don’t know how to write letters but I was bit conservative to write an open letter. I didn’t bother to write one anyways because Letters […]

Formula 1 in India

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So after much thought and approvals and preparations, F1 is actually coming to India. And that deserves a wow. From being a non-existing entity in Motor sport, and then to have a F1 team ‘Force India’ and then to actually have the Indian Grand Prix is an amazing feat. Not only it will do a […]

Dear Photographers To Be

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This is a closed letter. Only people who like to click pictures should read this. This is strictly for those who have a Facebook album called ‘Random’. Exactly written for those kind of people who call themselves anything from Newbies to Rookies to Amateur and, after a while, even Professionals. Totally cool. This is for […]

Going through changes

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Whilst traffic was terrific as rush hour being crucial, and IT zombies were snoring in the bus, as usual, when I see a bunch of people walking in the rain, holding Indian flags in their hands, holding banner of ‘India Against Corruption’, something told me, man, we are going through changes. Whilst my friends who were busy watching dubbed South Indian […]

Rise of the Planet of the Monkey Thieves

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Ok, so I don’t review movies because to review movies you have to either watch the movie with full on concentration of a 99% Hydro-Chloric Acid analyzing each and every fiber of the movie screen or re-view movie several times so that you can remember at what instant Director forgot the script or when Actor acted like a […]

One Bloody Super Hero Post

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Will it pain? No no, I faint even at the sight of it. Umm No. Why should I? But I am so thin.. Injection? OMG! Na, you cannot give, you are positive!   Quick Update: I bought Geeky glasses few days back. They are not geeky per se but nowadays people don’t use these kind […]

Puchka 101

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Tell me, what pleases a female most. Yes, you can run your imagination wild. Without digressing, try to think that what gives her the much-wanted cheer, the confidence of being a  woman, the tears of joy in her eyes, the beautiful crunching sound to her ears and the ultimate kick, again figuratively. Sigh, brush up your […]

Going anti-social – 1

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There was something missing (my win most probably) in our duel last night, so I came back to continue our incomplete fight. But, what I encountered was an unusual sight. As the usual place of meet up was plain blank and your window was ghostly white. I tried to peek but you were nowhere to […]

One Year in Bangalore

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So I reached a place called Iggalur, Southern most part of Bangalore. Total green, total South India. Half of the people there speak Tamil and the others Kannada. Both languages being similar to Buffalos to me (Kaala Akshar Bhains Barabar, Sherlock). Tamil was like Pi written in all the angles possible and Kannada mostly ‘W’s. […]

Nocturnal Talks

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What’s the time? Late night? Good. Stop everything you are doing. Go to your terrace. Pity you don’t have one. If you have, forget whatever you were doing. Go to your terrace. Take one bed sheet, one pillow with you. Also, the most important thing: one transistor. Also, don’t take your mobile with you. So […]

Hope is a good thing, in fact the best thing ever

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On 27th February when India tied with England, @VenkatAnanath tweeted that he was about to write an article on “Why India is not going to win this World Cup!”. As a knee jerk reaction, I unfollowed him instantly. Although following and unfollowing is not a big deal in Twitdays world but what I didn’t like […]

The slippers, the clothes you left away

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Picture Courtesy: Photoblog MSNBC A dog, “Leao”, sits for a second consecutive day, next to the grave of her owner, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, who died in the week’s catastrophic landslides in Brazil, at the cemetery in Teresopolis, near Rio de Janiero, on Jan. 15. Brazilians braced for more rain Saturday, fearing further landslides after […]

Why should I bother?

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‘Not my job’ is the first thing you say when you see a dead dog on the street. Job is to get rid of the carcass by either calling some municipal corporation or D-I-Y (doing it yourself). Do it yourself? Are you insane? You think you can put that body, half rotten, half-open, intestines hanging […]

In my closet

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When you come home bloody tired and totally worn out, You expect some hot tea to chew or sip that green sprout, When you enter your kitchen to grab some sane food, They watch you coming, tch, you can’t do nothing dude, For them you are nothing but just another distraction, For them you are […]

Just a thought

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Well, it’s just a thought based on the event which, as we speak, has happened to Jaipur. The fire at the IOC Depot! Just for the fans of yours truly, here are some fun facts. The place Sitapura which is seeing the fire is the place I have spent 4 years of mine. My college […]