What are you looking at Mister?

Waking up is the most difficult part in their lives, there is no doubt about it. More than 24 hours in a day, they have always tried to fit. Eyes groggily tell the story of every night. Waking up till late to complete the daily tasks, important and unimportant, but no one understands their plight. Getting ready to kill is their motto every day. But hey, don’t forget to put that thing around neck always, as they say. Like all dressed up neat and clean, they move out of their homes. Have to walk up till the bus stop, with earphones, plugged in till the ear drums and they sing, and yawn.

Reaching the stop is never such a pain but finding a place which is relaxed and safe is surely a game. They see faces there, dull, depressing, sorry, drunk, pale and only few of them chirpy still they all look lame. They try to make sure that they are away from such eyes, who stare from head to toe, with weird and cold vibes. The scanning eyes are always there and the scan reaches a logical rest. All they keep on staring is the place 1 foot above the waist. They glance the region the most, is the area where it hangs that is slightly below the throat. If they stare back at the stare-er, the concentration dilutes around in the air as it was lost, it may not be that dirty as I present but it sure looks low in cost.

The look at that region is aloof of the gender, but the awkwardness persists even if you have a strong heart or it is soft and tender. The inferior feeling which that is felt with is actually nothing as compared to the continuous staring they have always dealt with. I wonder how they must feel when they have to go daily through this ordeal. Isn’t it like watching someone puke while having a meal? Now they have started hanging it around the groin showing extra wit, where it moves like a pendulum, stick it back up where it belongs I must insist.

They claim that they stare because they care. But this is something different, staring it continuously, how do they dare? Even passer bys don’t forget to give it a look, what do they want to do with that? Take it, hang it in your home, watch it instead of the TV, put it around a hook. They have become used to this judging I guess but that kind of staring is a sign of them trying for a shag, but calm down, here I am just talking about my company tag.


  1. Oh yeah one always tries to identify which company does the person in front of you belongs to and the tag says it all !

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