The Manga Guide To… Everything

In Japanese Culture, comicbooks are integral. They not only have comics prevalent in many forms for kids, a large portion of the publication is meant and received well equally for adults too.

You want to tell a story, there will be a Manga for it. You want to tell history, there will be a comic book for that. And, if you want to learn Maths, there will be a graphic novel for that too.

I was struggling to learn Linear Algebra in the last few months. Then someone shared a comic book like this!

In India, we do have a penchant for telling Mythological stories via Amar Chitra Katha, and new age graphics artists are taking it to another level like Ravanayan. But still only in the Fiction genre. What about other subjects?

What if, we could explain super complex things via comics in a graphical and thereby a more entertaining format, what a difference would it make!

These guys don’t need recommendations but we all should be familar with and

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