It was late at night and it was dark and then suddenly…

Most people would’ve had this experience: It would have been late at night. You were hanging out with your friends or cousins and someone pitched the idea of talking about the ghosts and supernatural kinds of stuff they had experienced or knew of someone who had. Surely, it would’ve driven someone to leave the room to avoid that. While, for some, it would have been an experience to cherish, be imaginative, make jokes, play pranks, and what not!

Since today is Halloween, a day not really celebrated in India as such, but still everyone is familiar with it. We don’t really prefer talking about such stuff but as a society, we certainly enjoy horror in one form or the other. Let me share 3 instances like that which faint-hearted people can certainly skip. Heh, no I am kidding, everyone can read and share their own as well.

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