So I recently watched: The Great Conjunction

Rating: 🌟🌟

I watched both virtually as well as in person. Heh, screw you 2020.

Of course. A celestial event which last happened 800 years ago when except some astrologers, nobody would have even cared for, happened again. It won’t repeat again for many years, certainly nobody alive right now would be able to view it again. Unless, cryogenics becomes cool.

So, I went out in the evening and watched the great Saturn and Jupiter conjunction. I would say, the hype was great, the trailer was promising. However, the story was lame. The performance lamer. Since I didn’t have a telescope or good binoculars, I couldn’t see its actual beauty. Although I did watch 2 planets just a fraction of 1° apart as seen from the Earth. If I hadn’t worn my specs, they would have looked even more blurred.

Some days back I woke up at 2.30 AM in North India winters to see the Geonids. Or Leonids. Or something.

Both the occassions flopped for me. I hardly saw any elongated star or any shooting comets.

But being a part of rare events, which happen only once in many lifetimes is something which gives me thrill. The fact that Saturn and Jupiter won’t appear this closer again for years, even when I saw them but could hardly distinguish the difference tells me that it is so easy to fool non-nerd humans. I could have made so much money out of people’s superstitions if I had pursued the profession of an astrologer. How does two planets in 1 frame matter anyways? Unless they collide, is there any fun?

Ah I have been seeing a lot of Rick and Morty nowadays.